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FABULOUS LIFE INVESTMENTS is actively seeking opportunities to expand our portfolio.   We've streamlined the ACQUISITIONS, RENOVATIONS & EXIT STRATEGIES process.  

Our DEAL DEVELOPMENT division has established a system that focuses on strategically executing important elements of a successful Real Estate transaction.  We've created a business model that will maximize our investing dollars, increase our cash flow and grow our bankable equity.


We specialize in facilitating various aspects of an Investment Deal such as Lead Generation, Property Analysis, Creative Funding Options, Emerging Market Research, & Contractor Coordination . Our platform is designed to be a strong infrastructure for turn key investing.




FABULOUS LIFE UNIVERSITY  was established to offer KNOWLEDGE ENRICHMENT  because our Instructor absolutely loves the power of teaching.  NIA IMANI believe's that people can reach phenomenal heights when they have access to the right information.  She's committed her life and time to obtaining the necessary knowledge that has been kept a secret from mainstream American's. 


Economic Development is one of the most important subjects that you'll need in life but it isn't taught in traditional schools.  FABULOUS LIFE UNIVERSITY has written and produced various Publications, Audio Books, Visual Narratives, Accountability Journals & Courses that are designed to have a direct impact on your income potential and overall lifestyle.




FABULOUS LIFE FOUNDATION is a Passion Project that's  near and dear to my heart.  At the tender age of 20 years old I found myself living in a homeless shelter with my two young children.  I had to make a dramatic decision to leave everything I owned in order to survive a domestic violence relationship. fought my way through hell and high water to take back control of my life.  I was blessed to purchase my 1st home three years later.  

Our HOMEOWNERSHIP RESIDENCY PROGRAM will provide a safe affordable place for working Women to call home.  Each resident will be given resources that are designed to propel them into becoming a homeowner.  The overall mission is to "Restore Dignity & Integrity To Women In Transition." The properties will accommodate 20 Women that are homeless due to various life changing circumstances.


FABULOUS LIFE CONSULTING  is the cornerstone to everything we represent as a company. We've developed a solid foundation that our clients can stand upon.  We take pride in being able to provide a platform that will enhance the lives of everyone who decides to Master The Money Game.


   Our Consulting services provide Strategic guidance and implementation solutions in the areas listed below.





We participate in opportunities that will develop a profitable path towards achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM!






You're Invited To Join Our Culture & Become Apart Of A Community That Was Established To Increase Your PROFITS, Support Your BUSINESS & GLORIFY Your GREATNESS! 

We're committed to connecting with women all over the world that want to be spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically & most importantly FINANCIALLY FREE.  Our mission is to encourage members to build a solid financial foundation that will exceed their expenses.  We expect your harvest to be plenty and your cup to runneth over. 


Are you determined to impact the future of your family through principles that can increase your Networth and enhance the potential of creating Generational Wealth? We surround ourselves with Women that are serious about evolving as an individual while reaping the benefits of being supported by a group. 

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